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Anna Wintour in News Week

September 10, 2012

Fashion editor and political tycoon seem to be complete opposite ends of the spectrum. But rumors have been circulating that editor and chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, has been considering leaving the fashion industry to join the political world. The fashion titan has played a large role backing democratic candidates for years, and is a chief supporter of Obama and his campaign. Wintour has organized many benefits to raise funds for the president, and has herself given tens of thousands of dollars in support. She has attended many dinners at the White House and featured Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue. Many are beginning to question the motives of her backing, believing that she is vying for an ambassador position in a country such as England or France. After serving twenty-five years as the editor and chief of Vogue, the second longest term of any editor, what is next for Wintour, age sixty-two? Newsweek Magazine investigated the rumors of Wintour’s political future; however, she declined to interview and dismissed the rumors as false. Uncertainty due to her stone-like silence has terrorized fashion designers for years. Unable to break this silence, no one knows whether the political rumors are true or false. Yet Anna Wintour has used her position in fashion, a global industry, to network internationally and to form international political alliances. I believe that she would serve as an effective United States ambassador. What do you think?
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