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Diana Vreeland in Newsweek

September 21, 2012

Diana Vreeland defined style, pushing fashion into the modern era. Her eccentricity as editor and chief of Vogue is unforgettable. Vreeland believed in the magic of fashion. She morphed Vogue into a magazine of dreams. Disregarding expenses, she created a magazine that allowed its reader to escape everyday life and travel to far away places. From the pages in her magazine to her own life stories, Vreeland exhibited an air of imagination and exaggeration. Vreeland made it possible for fashion to become outlandish, while encouraging women to become extraordinary. Vreeland could take something and make it beautiful. She saw the faults in people but found a way to make those faults the most beautiful things about them. Vreeland herself struggled with much insecurity, openly admitting that she considered herself highly unattractive. Considering she shaped the role fashion plays in the modern era, many question if her own uncertainties were a catalyst for the insecurities that fuel the fashion industry. Despite her insecurities, or possibly even catapulted by her insecurities, Vreeland established a timeless legacy as fashion’s “original tyrant.” She demanded beauty no matter the cost, living by the motto that you do not give people what they want; you give them what they do not know yet that they want. Vreeland’s vision launched fashion into popular culture, making fashion a magical means of accomplishing dreams.


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