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Nail Art

October 4, 2012


As I am waiting to get my nails done, I browse the various shades of red, pink, and blue nail polish on the shelves at the nail salon.  As nice as all those colors are, I am ready for something different, something edgier.  Thank God it’s the season of funky nail art.  This fall season the motto is: the crazier, the better.   It’s all about the matte finish, the glitter, and the outrageous designs.  Didn’t think doing your nails could be an art?  Think again.  Beauty expert Dana Caruso explained:  “Nail art has come a long way, but this is the first time it’s a conversation piece.”  And a conversation piece, it is!  Fashionistas around the world are loving the new trend.  From Rihanna, to Katy Perry, to top model Heidi Klum, these celebs are going all out.

Don’t feel like doing your nails yourself or getting them done?  No worries, Sally Hansen recently came out with the Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  It wears like nail polish, because it is nail polish and it lasts for up to 10 days.  From lacey designs to tie dye designs, Sally Hansen has got you covered.  Sounds pretty great huh?  So go out and get some, and be a part of this season’s hottest trend!

– Allison

Photo: Courtesy of 36 Boutiques Blog

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