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Zac Posen

October 24, 2012

Today, one of New York City’s hottest designers is turning 32.  Who may this be?  None other than Mr. Zac Posen.  Posen’s designer success can be accredited to his hard work, drive, and his creative eye for fashion.  Posen has had a pretty eventful year with his 2013 spring collection debuting at New York Fashion Week at Avery Fisher Hall.  His collection includes a stunning selection of cocktail dresses, and evening gowns.  When asked what his inspiration for his collection was, Posen answered old Hollywood style, and intricately designed gowns inspired by simple things in nature such as seashells, or tumbleweeds.

Mr. Posen has come a long way in his career, since he was first recognized when asked to design a dress for Naomi Campbell in 2000.  In fact, Naomi Campbell walked the runway this year in a beautifully designed floral cocktail dress for Posen’s NYFW show.  At an interview at the FNW/Trends luncheon earlier this year, Posen explained: “We’ve had sort of an explosion of extra casual dressing. It’s important for Americans to put more effort into what they wear. So many people are following fashion now. It’s become fashion-tainment. People should dress well again especially for all the great American designers there are. This is a place to dress.”  And we, at BTAC, couldn’t agree more!

If anyone deserves a good birthday, it’s Posen.  Happy Birthday Zac!


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