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Heidi Klum: Halloween Queen

October 29, 2012

If anyone is known to go all out on Halloween, it’s supermodel Heidi Klum. Throughout the years, Heidi Klum has been known to dress in the most outrageous, extravagant costumes. This top model is not only stunningly gorgeous, she’s wildly creative too! From dressing as the Garden of Eden serpent in 2006, to an alien transformer in 2010, to a dead body in 2011, she won’t settle for anything but the craziest. Heidi has her own way of pulling them all off.

Well, if you haven’t heard already, rumor has it that this year Heidi will be dressing as the sexiest queen of ancient Egypt – Cleopatra. Wearing a tight-fitted golden gown, a beautiful headpiece and a feathered cape, Heidi is going to look sexier than ever. But who can blame her? Seal is going to rue the day he ever let her go. Married, or single, there’s nothing stopping her. You can leave it up to Heidi to throw the most amazing Halloween bash, filled with the craziest costumes you’ve ever laid eyes on. Just for fun, here’s a little re-cap of Heidi’s past Halloween costumes.

Heidi in 2006 as the Garden of Eden serpent

Heidi in 2010 as an alien transformer.

Heidi’s dead body costume in 2011.

A sneak peek at this year’s Cleopatra costume.

This Halloween, I encourage you to go all out. Go Heidi!


Photos: Courtesy of US Weekly, BuzzFeed and NY Daily News


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