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Alex and Ani: Charity by Design

November 2, 2012

Jewelry maker Alex and Ani are famous for the stylish sets of bangles adorning the wrists of girls everywhere.  Now buyers can wear their hearts on their sleeves with the new Charity by Design collection. When you buy one of the eco-friendly bangles from the new collection, 20% of sales from the specific piece go to the corresponding charity.

The new charms include everything from cupcakes to cornucopias and StandUp2Cancer arrows. In order of October being breast cancer awareness month, there’s also pretty bangle for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. With over 50 different bangles available, buyers can choose from over 20 charities to support.

“Charity By Design is the heart and soul of Alex and Ani,” says the American designer, “[We] work closely with organizations in creating a unique design that embodies the message and reflects the beauty of each charitable organization. We believe profoundly that people everywhere are anxious to participate in creating change and empowering those who so clearly need assistance. By allowing consumers to enter the charitable world through their purchases, we believe a new generation of philanthropists will emerge.”

Check out all their designs here. Looking stylish and helping charity? Now that’s some guilt free shopping.


Photo: Alex and Ani


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