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5 Ways to Wear A Brooch

November 11, 2012

When styled properly, brooches are not your grandmother’s jewelry anymore.  Whether it’s a family heirloom, you found it thrifting or you grabbed it at a local boutique, brooches give an extra dimension of style and personality to your outfit.  They’re a chic way to dress up all those layers you’re throwing on in this chilly weather.  It’s a great way to add a little sparkle for the upcoming holiday season. Here are the best ways to wear a brooch so you don’t end up looking like a septuagenarian.

On your head – Attach the brooch to a pin and fasten in your hair for an alternative to a barrette to hold your updo. Or use a small brooch to jazz up a plain headband.

On your scarf – Fix a brooch to the knot of your scarf as a focal point for the outfit and to keep the wrap in place.

On your shrunken blazer – Blazers are a classic, clean look that can be made more feminine with a shrunken wash and the addition of a brooch. Add multiple if you’re feeling playful!

On a belt – Brooches can be used on belts to accent your waistline. Try adding one to a high-waisted skirt or a dress with a cinched waist to add flair.

On your bag – Make your old clutches new again by adding a little sparkle.  Pin a brooch to your bag and make the transition from day to night.

Have fun by mixing and matching brooches into your outfits!


Photos: Etsy/Kelly Stuart/Andrew Durham/Michael Buckner/

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