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Fashion Truck Craze

December 1, 2012


Fashion trucks are one of the newest fashion trends to target street fashion, quite literally.  The craze of fashion trucks comes after the influx of food trucks and other businesses looking to downsize, branch out or start small.  These rolling boutiques are spreading across the country. Their mobility means that they’re not always in the same place every day, making them a real find.  Some are mobile branches of larger companies, while others are unique boutiques. Trucks give a strong sense of brand identity to the stores. Each truck reaches different clients, carrying a variety of products at various price points. There’s a truck out there for everyone!

The Styleliner truck in New York City is a fix in the Meatpacking District on weekends.  Owner Joey Wolffer is a jewelry curator who didn’t want to open a conventional boutique.  Instead, she finds one of kind accessories from all over the world then curates them aboard the Styleliner. You can find the Styleliner’s whereabouts on any given day at their website, and even look up her future “tour” dates.

What do you think fashionistas? Would you buy an outfit off a truck?


Photo: The Styleliner

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