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Cartier’s Winter Tale

December 6, 2012

This holiday season the luxury brand Cartier has created an advertisement entitled “Winter’s Tale.” This video ad incorporates their oh-so-popular panther cubs from their Christmas ad last year. Not only have they given a story to their products, but they have created a Facebook app to parallel the video. This app allows you to create a Cartier wish list. After selecting the items that were featured within the 1:45 minute long video, you can choose to purchase them through the app.

The real question is . . . will this video and Facebook page help their sales? As the economy is suffering, so are the high-end fashion companies’ sales; but this holiday could be different as these companies fight to catch America’s attention. At the end of the day, Americans need to be able to tell the time, but will the watches of Cartier be their first choice this Christmas?

The video features their two cubs climbing up a Christmas tree conveniently decorated with Cartier’s products. As the panthers smell something in the distance they go on a hunt, ultimately leading them to the top of the tree. The video not only gets Youtube users involved, but judging by the success of the Facebook app and its ability to be shared with others, its looks as though Cartier may have quite the Holiday sales. Who knew America could be so easily won over by two panther cubs? Check out the video above!


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