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Friends of Finn

December 9, 2012


I don’t know about you, but I love to shop.  I especially love to shop knowing that the money I spend is going towards a good cause.  Two years ago, socialite, activist and fashion model Amanda Hearst founded Friends of Finn, an activist group that raises money and awareness to end the puppy-mill industry in the U.S.    It all started when Hearst felt obligated to fight for animal rights three years ago, when she bought her dog Finnegan (the inspiration for the name of the activist group) from a pet store, only to find out that Finn was one of the 90% of pet store dogs that are taken from a puppy-mill.  From there on, the rest was history. Hearst decided to dedicate her life to saving animals.  Friends of Finn has raised more than half a million dollars, has raided several puppy-mills, and recently debuted their first fashion collaboration, special edition Soludos espadrilles.  Their unique pattern consists of tiny dog bones, quite appropriate for the mission of Friends of Finn.

The Friends of Finn by Soludos are cute, comfortable, and only $45.

Go out and buy some today, and be a part of a good cause to save a man’s and a woman’s best friend.

– Allison


Friends of Finn by Soludos

Photo taken from: Soludos and

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