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5 Ways To Wear A Skirt In Winter

December 18, 2012

We all love wearing skirts during the summer but that’s not the only time they can be worn. Here are five ways to rock a skirt during the winter months.1

If you are willing to fight the cold this look is perfect. The addition of sheer fabric to the bottom of this dress (or skirt) works to give the perfect whimsical look in wintertime. Whether or not you chose to wear black tights underneath the sheer skirt is up to you, the colder it is the more likely you are to try the look with tights.


Dark tights, heels and an above the knee skirt was a great look for the fall but might be a little too cold for the winter. This fall look is just too perfect to let die during the winter. The perfect solution is to pair this look with a long peacoat like Kate Middleton is doing in the picture above. Once you get to your Christmas dinner, or whatever event you are attending, you can strip off the coat leaving you looking chic and winter appropriate.


Another popular option is knee high boots paired with a knee length pencil skirt. It gives you all the coverage you need while still looking fashion forward as you rock a skirt in winter. Kim Kardashian pairs her high-heel boots with another popular trend, leather.


Just as Keira Knightley is doing above, a mid-calf dress or skirt can be worn any time of year. Whether the dress be forest green or mint (a popular color this winter), when worn with nude tights you have a very sophisticated look for the winter months.


The last way to get away with wearing a skirt in the winter is putting it over leggings. Leggings are no longer just for big comfy sweaters and winter workouts. With a black skirt and black leggings you can create a classy as well as warm look this winter season.

How will you wear your skirts this winter?


Photo Credit: Wireimage,,,,

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