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BTAC Exclusive: Interview with Swimwear Designer, Lila Nikole

December 20, 2012

Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection | Celebrity Favorite Bikini Designer | Top Swimwear Designers In The World | Miami

The Lila Nikole Collection has become one of the fastest growing brands in the swimwear industry.  With such a creative and talented individual behind the collection, it’s no surprise that it has had such success.  BTAC had the pleasure of interviewing the fashion savvy Lila Nikole, and we couldn’t have been more intrigued by her responses!

Better Than A Cupcake:  What do you get your inspiration from?

Lila Nikole:  My inspiration is always inspired by the moods or experiences I am going through.   My inspiration comes from the places I visit and the people I encounter in life.

BTAC:  Is there a certain kind of woman/ body size/shape you design for?

Lila:  I am proud to say that I am a rounded designer and I have the ability to mold custom suits to any type of women.  A lot of my customers enjoy having specialty swimsuits catered and designed according to their exact request.

BTAC:  What is your personal favorite swimsuit design/style?

Lila:  My favorite design is the first suit I ever designed.  It was a challenge for me that I conquered in exquisite detail and construction.  I still have the suits hanging in my office as a reminder.

BTAC:  Did you always want to design swimsuits?

LilaI have a background as a stylist but I can design any forms of apparel. I am not a fan of men’s wear but the rest is game.

BTAC:  How did you decide on your 4 different themes for the collections (native warriors, destination bliss, beauty of love, and bleeding heart)?

Lila:  The “Native Warriors” was inspired by the drum and bass in a very popular salsa song by Marc Anthony.  “Destination Bliss” was inspired by a beach romance, the idea of being in love, in utter bliss and euphoria.   The “Bleeding Heart” and “Beauty of Love” collections were inspired by a relationship.  Let me explain.  Basically the happier side was “Beauty of Love,” the giddy feeling of a fresh new romance, almost like a teenage love, so the pieces were soft, floral, pinks, reds etc.   On the other hand, the “Bleeding Heart” was the polar opposite and was inspired by heart break, hence the harsher colors, the metal accents and the bullet spikes.

BTAC loves Lila’s collection, and so will you!

Thanks Lila for talking to BTAC, you rock!



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Photos: Courtesy of Lila Nikole

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