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5 Ways to Wear Scarves

December 23, 2012

Scarves are the go-to accessory for spicing up a boring outfit and keeping you warm during the winter.  They’re also highly useful, and can be utilized in several different ways. There’s a different scarf for every style, so keep in mind the size, shape and purpose of each scarf you choose.

sAround your neck – OK I know it’s obvious to wear a scarf around your neck but there’s more than one way to wrap a scarf. Check out this awesome video with 25 different ways to do it!

s2On your head – Having a bad hair day? Hide greasy hair with a quick twist of a short scarf and achieve instant sophistication and an air of mystery.

s3On your bag – Adds a pop of color and flavor to your everyday purse. It’s nice to have one handy in case a sudden chill catches you.


As a belt – In you’re in a pinch, use a scarf as a belt to cinch a dress at the waist.


As a shawl – Keep your shoulders covered in the cold with a scarf as a shawl.  Big scarves like these are great to travel with all well because they can double as blankets.


Photos: Lifestyle-Dubai/Fashionama/Emilio Pucci/Ravelry

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