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Holiday Wishes, From Me to You

December 24, 2012

Around three years ago I reached the age where I drew a blank when my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I love surprises, so I’ve since told them to just make their best guess, but this year I’ve finally found a few pieces I’m certain I want *Santa* to put under my tree.

Annabelle Velvet Mini-Dress by Rugby Ralph Lauren


Everyone needs a winter party-dress, pre or post holidays. This Rugby by Ralph Lauren dress is the perfect combination of classic and flirty. The deep blue velvet and flared skirt of the dress make you not only look like royalty, but feel like a princess. And if you’re like me, that’s essentially all I need. Pair it with a decorative necklace, like Anthropologie’s Pearl Blitz Bib and a fur coat like Shop Ruche’s Close Embrace Jacket and you’re set. Look out, Duchess Middleton! (Joking, we all know Kate is the Queen when it comes to fashion).

The Lovelock Tote by Madewell


If the title doesn’t seal the deal, the image should. I’m in love with this purse, which is inspired by vintage bookbags and has the long strap for modern appeal. Living in the city I usually transport a small army around and need a larger tote to fit all my things during the day. Since Mary Poppins’ bag isn’t really my style, I’m settling on this intentionally made well, leathered beauty. If you like this style, check out Madewell’s entire bag collection, and if you hurry you can get the 30% off everything that they’re offering through the 24th!

Hoping your holiday gifts bring you all the style you wished for!


Photos: Rugby Ralph Lauren, Madewell 

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