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Alex and Ani Exclusive

December 27, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Alex and Ani yet it’s time you look them up! The jewelry line is showing up in magazines, on the wrists of A-list celebrities and in a number of department stores across the Unites States. Alex and Ani is a jewelry line created and designed by Carolyn Rafaelian. Rafaelian chose to name the jewelry line after her two daughters Alex and Ani. At BTAC we are all big fans, with all the staff showing off our personal favorite; the cupcake bangle.

Does Alex and Ani sound familiar? You may recall a couple months ago when one of the girls here at BTAC, Annie, first introduced Alex and Ani to the BTAC community with the article: Alex and Ani: Charity by Design. We here at BTAC are so inspired by all that Carolyn is doing, that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you some of the questions we had for her.

Better Than A Cupcake: What was your inspiration behind the line “Charity by Design?”

Carolyn Rafaelian: At the heart of Alex and Ani is the most powerful of all positive energies, “Love.” Our passion for making the dreams of charitable organizations come true is channeled through Charity by Design, a unique department focused solely upon giving. Charity by Design empowers non-profit organizations to reach their goals by sharing what we do best, the power of positive energy through innovative, creative design. Our customized symbolic charms capture the essence of a charity making it more accessible to the public while raising awareness and funds. Proceeds are donated directly to non-profit organizations who strive to enhance the quality of lives or life on Earth.

BTAC: What advice would you give to young jewelry designers just entering the industry?

Carolyn: I would tell inspired entrepreneurs to never take no for an answer. Figure out what you are trying to do and find a way to accomplish this in an unexplored way and soon you will climb to the top for being unique and different. Have innovative thoughts and the ability to bring these ideas to fruition. Three qualities necessary for success are Perseverance, Passion and a Plan.

BTAC: Who has been the most influential person in your design career?

Carolyn: My father, Ralph, he opened up a factory in 1966, so I grew up in the jewelry industry. Early on, my summers were spent helping my father, which eventually led to designing my own pieces. However, it wasn’t until my first two daughters, Alex and Ani, were born that I decided I wanted to leave a legacy for them. Stemming from a family tradition, it was my destiny to become a jewelry designer.

Check out more about Alex and Ani with the video below.

Warm regards,

Sydney Bellows

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