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Keeping Fashionably Warm

December 28, 2012


It’s always a struggle to look cute while staying warm, but despite popular opinion it is possible. It’s always a disappointment when you have to cover up an adorable outfit with a bulky coat, but when you are looking at lights or watching the ball drop it seems like the only option. So what’s the key to being able to wear that light but fashionable coat, and a tight pair of jeans? It’s time to break out your Under Armour. Slip that on under your favorite top and you will be warm enough to wear that slimming, more-fashionable-than-functional jacket. Big knitted scarves are another huge item this season so stock up and add those to your perfect winter outfit.  With two hand warmers tucked into your mittens or leather gloves that are flying off the shelves this winter, your upper half will be ready to go. Now for the bottom half. Everyone has that one pair of jeans that makes everything look great. But now, there’s no need to put them away when there is cold weather involved. The power of nylons is incredible. Slip a pair or two under your jeans and you will be surprised with the amount of warmth it will provide. No need to sacrifice your fashionable style this winter. So get ready, because while others are bundled up, you are going to be warm and fashionable receiving a New Year’s kiss.


Photos: Under Armour

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