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BTAC Reflects on a Wonderful Year

January 1, 2013

BTAC Founder and Owner Sydney Bellows poses for CocoKouture

Happy New Year from BTAC! We’ve had quite the journey, and it’s only just beginning! Although officially we’ve only been a company for a short period, the amount that’s been accomplished is more than we could have hoped for. Reflecting on the past year, we’ve gathered the highlight moments for BTAC and want to share them with you all.

  • In January of 2012, BTAC owner and founder Sydney Bellows (along with a small team) won the King’s College Business Plan Competition out of a host of other students. Professors raved about her detailed plan that is the foundation for the company and kick-started the journey of BTAC.
  • In March, the Empire State Tribune published an article briefing Sydney’s early interest in fashion and the road she traveled to get where she is today. It details the company’s purpose, including Sydney’s desire to help student fashion designers and her huge success with The King’s College Business Plan Competition.
  • In May, we opened up our Facebook page, which has since gained over one thousand likes. If you’re on Facebook, stop by here and gives us that thumbs up to stay up to date with our blog and what’s happening with the company!
  • In September, online fashion magazine CocoKouture published an article about BTAC including a full-length interview with Sydney. The CocoKouture headline boasts, “Content Composed by the Future Leaders of the Fashion Industry™,” and we’re thrilled to be included in their work. Featuring all things fashion, they have writers who have branched out to work in Seventeen Magazine, NYLON Mag, Glamour, Christian Siriano, and Marie Claire, to name a few!
  • In the past few months we have developed great relationships with Alex and Ani, as well as Free People. The opportunity to work closely with them has been incredible, but what we’ve learned from them in the business and fashion world has been invaluable. Keep your eyes open for future posts involving these two great companies.
  • Also in September, we launched our blog, which has not only been loads of fun, but also a successful step for us as a company. Featuring writers from across the United States and in three countries, we are confident that we’ve developed a team that includes only the best and brightest of rising fashion writers. 
  • Apart from our incredible writers, our entire BTAC team is thriving. We have gained the most successful group of graphic designers, photographers, strategic planners, and creative coordinators to make all that happens at BTAC possible. We head into 2013 with no fears but rather ecstatic anticipation to see all that this team brings to life.

And last but not least, one of our many highlights has been you, our readers and supporters! We love what we do—as a company, blog, and group of people who simply love fashion. You make this possible for us and we’re so excited to have you beside us. BTAC has big things planned for 2013 and we are ready to make an impact in the fashion industry. Stay tuned and get ready for the next step of our journey—2013, here we come!

Love always,

Rachel and the BTAC Team

Photos: CocoKouture

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