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Dealing with Unwanted Gifts

January 3, 2013

Boy and Girl Opening Chrismas Presents

Returns are always a hassle, but they don’t have to be traded in for something you don’t like. Getting the most out of your returns can be easy. If you are returning clothing don’t be afraid to get something else. No need to scramble to find your size, the gift giver would rather see you in something you really love on yourself than something that you hate. In many stores you are also able to get store credit. This leaves you the option of grabbing a gift card and saving it till the new circulation of clothing comes in. As much as we all love H&M, sometimes the selection just isn’t there, whether it’s because of the colors, fits, styles, etc. Saving the money until you can buy an article of clothing that you absolutely adore is key. If this holiday season you got a gift card that you know you won’t use, instead of spending it on useless clutter, trade it in for a gift card you will use. Plastic Jungle and Card Pool are two great sites for trading, cashing or selling your unwanted gift cards. So why clutter your closet with items you don’t like? Make the most of unwanted gifts this holiday season.


Photo: This is Money 

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