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Celeb WATCH: Keeping Time like the Stars

January 8, 2013
Kesha, watch designer and brand ambassador for Casio

Kesha, watch designer and brand ambassador for Casio

Even celebrities need to tell the time, but what do they use to do so? With a little help from the website we can tell just what watches the celebrities are wearing. Love a watch dangling on your favorite celebrity’s wrist in their latest movie? Get it.

  • 2012 was a big year for thick watches, normally with plastic bands and bright colors. These trends were amongst the celebs too, starting as early as 3 years ago. Lady Gaga featured a bright yellow Casio Baby-G BG5602-8 digital watch in her 2009 music video “Love Game.” This watch comes in around $100, making more than just a celebrities’ accessory.
  • Dakota Fanning followed the same trend sporting a ToyWatch Neon Plasteramic Ultra Violet watch during a 5K she ran at UCLA. Priced at around $75, this watch is one of the most affordable celebrity trends.
  • In the extremely successful movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Angelina Jolie wore a Tissot T-Touch. It had the same bulky look but in this movie was beige, with a beige dial. The Tissot T-Touch is a watch that comes in at over $1,000 — we might have to just leave this watch for the stars.
  • Blake Lively wore a black Hamilton Khaki King, around $350, in the movie that brought her and her husband Ryan Reynolds together, Green Lantern. If it gets a guy like Ryan Reynolds, it can’t be all that bad. This watch is a little different than the others listed above. It leans more towards the classic watch look, having the look of a man’s watch. With men’s fashion in the woman’s wardrobe being big this fall, this watch is perfect to pair with a rolled up blazer.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, keeping up her posh appearance, keeps to a watch with a thin band and gold accents whenever she can. The movie Did you Know About the Morgans is no exception, as she wears a Cartier Tank Americaine watch that has a thin black leather strap and white gold case. With the price of this watch being anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 this is another one that we will sit back and admire.

Macy’s and JcPenny’s both have a great selection of watches that look just like these pricey watches seen in all the latest movies. So, if you’re interested in copping the style of your celeb idol, you know where to go.

What watch will you wear this year?




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