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Non-Prescription Glasses: Wear With Pride

January 19, 2013

emmastonethe_help_a_l (1)

It’s time those with 20/20 vision got to have a little fashion fun too. Non-prescription glasses are gaining immense popularity. With fashions of the 50’s and 60’s coming back it is the opportune time to grab a pair of glasses. Bleudame offers a whole collection of glasses for those who simply want a new accessory added to their wardrobe. With Cat Eye, Aviators, Flat Tops, and Wayfarer glasses offered in non-prescription you don’t need to search high and low for the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape. Urban Outfitters, everyone’s favorite store, has quite a few lenses to pick from as well. With Urban Outfitters vast variety everyone can have Zachary Quinto’s perfect set of frames from American Horror Story or Emma Stone’s Cat Eye frames from The Help. There is no shame in making your outfit go from great to fabulous with the help of non-prescription glasses. So push up the brim of your glasses and walk with pride.


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