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Bring Inauguration Fashion to Your Wardrobe

January 24, 2013


Yesterday we touched on the fashion the Presidential families sported at the inauguration. But we obviously couldn’t go without mentioning the Queen herself–Beyoncé. Next to her husband Jay-Z, the singer wowed us in a black, floor length gown with velvet details by Emilio Pucci. We may not have designers begging us to wear their clothes, but we can get similar looks for a quarter of the price. If it was the length of Beyoncé’s gown that you liked then try the Heirloom of Mystery Dress from Modcloth. This is a great dress to pair with a cardigan or blazer. Although this pairing will make for quite a different look than Beyoncé’s, you will soon have a look of your own. Another great feature of this gown were the sleeves. It was an easy way to look fabulous in the winter. Free People offers a great Black dress with a similar print to the dress we saw Monday. This Floral Mesh Lace Dress is just the dress for Winter or Spring.


Kelly Clarkson was another celebrity who performed at the inauguration Monday. Clarkson came in a deep burgundy military jacket paired with a bright purple scarf. The perfect jacket can be hard to find. This jacket was fitting yet thick to fight the cold weather. This look-a-like will you keep looking just as great as Kelly Clarkson did. Your last step to perfect the look is a plain purple scarf that can be easily found at Forever 21, H&M, or most other fashion stores. 2013 started out on a positive fashion note, from the Golden Globes to the Inauguration, now it’s time to take steps to looking just as amazing as the performers did a few days ago. Stealing celebrities’ looks is extremely easy, so now you can spend your left over Christmas money wisely!


Photo Credit: Beyonce Tumblr, Coco Perez, Jedroot

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