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S. Bulgari Raises Money for Save The Children

January 26, 2013

Italian luxury jewelry line, Bulgari, has launched a special sterling silver ring to benefit Save the Children. “S. Bulgari” is engraved on the outside of the limited edition bands with the Save the Children logo on the inside. Various celebrities, including Julianne Moore and Ben Stiller, are appearing in advertisements for the Save The Children Rewrite The Future campaign.

Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody has been named as the latest ambassador for Bulgari’s Watches and Eyewear collections. Brody specifically acknowledges Bulgari’s charitable collection.

“[T]heir commitment to children’s welfare through Save the Children is remarkable and I am looking forward to getting involved,” Brody says proudly.

In November 2012, President of Save the Children Italy, Claudio Tesauro, recognized the impressive results achieved through Bulgari’s fundraising.

“Thanks to Bulgari, to date, over 500,000 among the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized children are given an opportunity,” said Tesauro. “Some went to school for the first time; some have a real school desk or a roof over their heads during their classes; many have better prepared teachers and have learnt life-saving rules on health and personal hygiene. Small and big tangible changes in the lives of 500,000 children that each single ring sold made possible.”

To see the Bulgari designs, click here. Give back to society in a fashionable way!


Photos: Bulgari

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