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Bachelor Fashion

January 27, 2013

This season of the Bachelor is heating up quickly. No matter what happens between Sean and the 25 girls, one thing seems to be remaining the same—the fashion. We can look forward to this at the rose ceremonies each week as that is when the gowns and dresses appear. Last week Kacie B wore a color block dress from Bebe. It was one of the more revealing dresses of the night, stopping far above the knee and fitting her as tight as a glove. Another gown that evening was Sarah’s fuchsia strapless dress. It was the popular high-low hem with teal accents featured in her jewelry.

Leslie M wore a Catherine Deane dress with detailed shoulders (seen above). It flowed perfectly over her figure, falling right below her heel. One of the main themes throughout the night was color. There was a huge amount of bright purples and blues mixing with the girls that were playing it safe with neutral tones. If you are a fan of The Bachelor make sure to keep up on the latest girl’s fashion, and if you aren’t make a point to tune in this Monday. There are plenty of fashion must-haves featured on every episode!


Photo Credit:, Posessionista


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