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Gameday Glam

January 28, 2013

Picture 37

Superbowl Sunday is just one week away so it’s time to plan your outfit for the big game.  Whether you’re rooting for San Francisco or Baltimore, every girl wants to support her team.  But navigating the lines of fashion and function can be tricky for sporting events.  You want to look cute, but not out of place. Here are our tips for dressing for the big game, no matter what the sport or season.

  1. Layer up – Hit up American Apparel or another sporty store to stock up on basic layering pieces.  They’re essential for outdoor sporting events and can be matched to any team’s colors.
  1. Try the athletic jacket – The boxy varsity jacket trend is perfect for any sport.  Check out our tips on how to wear them.
  1. Rep your team’s colors – It’s tough to look cute in an oversized jersey. Instead, wear fitted pieces in your team’s colors so everyone knows what side you’re on.
  1. Stick with the accessories – Stores like the NFL shop offer tons of accessories with the logos of professional sports teams.  Try a hat, scarf or jewelry to show your support without going overboard.
  1. You go girl – Tons of stores offer their own girly twists on athletic wear.  Check out Victoria’ Secret PINK NFL collection to find the perfect comfy outfit for sitting on the couch. You can even shop by your team in order to find the perfect combo.

Photos: Covington, American Apparel/The Pessimiss/Blitz and Glam/ NFL shop/Victoria’s Secret PINK

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