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Making Clothes Last

January 30, 2013



Keeping shoes, tights and clothes looking new can sometimes be a hard task. There are many little tips that can help you to look great while saving money at the same time.

Tights are a key item for any wardrobe but they are also one of the easiest items to rip. Whether they are nude, black, or gray tights a small tear doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run out and grab a new pair.  Keep in mind how long your dress or shorts are. If the tear is above that or in a place where it can be covered by boots then keep them. Once you have the ripped tights on, spray hairspray over the rip. If you don’t have hairspray or hairspray isn’t working, then try clear nail polish. Both of these products keep the rip from getting any larger. This allows you to get a few more wears out of those tights that are normally so easily disregarded.
Every girl loves shoes but we don’t always have the cash flow to upkeep this addiction. Making your shoes last longer is a great way to keep your shoe supply plentiful. Suede shoes are huge right now. Suede shoes can be some of the hardest to keep clean. If you invest in a suede brush you will be able to get out any dirt and scuff marks from the shoes. If you find that you have stains that just won’t leave try white vinegar. Rub it lightly with a rag on to the shoe and watch the stain disappear. If the stain is hard and dry, try to loosen it up with steel wool. These tips are easily converted to be used with other types of shoes. If you have gum on your shoe, put your shoe in the freezer (the same goes for gum on your clothes!). If your shoe is drying after getting wet, stuff the shoe with newspaper for easier drying. There are quite a few ways to get the most out of your purchases, so follow these tips to keep your items for as long as you can!


Photo Credit:, Vail

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