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Better Than A Cupcake is a website dedicated to providing fashion design students the opportunity to showcase their collections in a personalized lookbook along with the opportunity to compete in a Spring fashion show held in New York City.

 About BTAC:

Founder Sydney Bellows started the vision of giving fashion design students an opportunity to be looked at through a professional light while living in her hometown of Orlando, Florida. Continuing her vision while studying at The King’s College in New York City Sydney entered a business plan competition where she was awarded first place with her idea of creating what would one day become the bridge way connecting fashion from the young for the young. The idea came about in November of 2010 when Sydney came across Winter Park Fashion Week in Florida, a spin off of the well know ‘New York Fashion Week’. Sydney was completely intrigued by the fashion and the up and coming designers but even more she was curious of the designers that didn’t make it to the final cut. Meeting with a number of up and coming designers Sydney decided that she wanted to focus solely on those that were enrolled in fashion design programs and had the ambition and drive but no opportunity to get their work noticed. Working long nights in her apartment in New York City Sydney created Better Than A Cupcake.

 How BTAC Works:


Fashion design students that are currently enrolled in a college or university in New York City can have their designs showcased here at Better Than A Cupcake. Each designer will have a profile and we will market and sell your merchandise for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch!


Each designer will be competing against each other through a polling section. There are ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ buttons next to each designer profile and every product. The designers with the highest number of likes will be featured in a fashion show held in NYC.


The community can come visit Better Than A Cupcake online and vote for their favorite designers or post a blog next to the designer profile with encouraging words. All products on Better Than A Cupcake are for sale. Customers may browse, shop, and check out at any time when they are at Better Than A Cupcake.

Fashion Show:

Better Than A Cupcake hopes to have their fashion show become an annual event for fashion design students in NYC. Proceeds will go to a charity to provide clothing for children in need.

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