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Macklemore Galore

January 2, 2013
Me, Macklemore, and my friend Rose at the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 11th, 2012.

Me, Macklemore, and my friend Rose at the Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 11th, 2012.

BTAC loves Macklemore and his style. A few weeks ago we gave you some pointers on how to thrift shop the way Seattle-bred rap sensation Macklemore does, but, along with the rest of the world, we still can’t get enough of him.

In mid-December Macklemore tweeted about a concert that was conveniently one block from my apartment at the Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg. Aside from the incredibly talented artists performing, like Alisha Roney and The Flavr Blue (personal friends of the rapper), Macklemore was also in attendance. I had the opportunity to meet him and his girlfriend/tour manager, Tricia Davis, who were both incredibly friendly, and stylish! Macklemore wore a simple white V-neck t-shirt, but topped it with a vintage, camo army jacket. His girlfriend sported a chic top-knot bun and a patterned open cardigan with dark skinny jeans–simple, comfortable, and cute. Through his countless appearances we’ve found out that not only is he a fan of secondhand clothes, but only the trendiest of patterns. His usual rig consists of furs, animal and camouflage prints, and the ever comfortable (yet still stylish) athletic jumpsuits–with his own twist, of course. He also never forgets to accessorize: gold chains, scarves, fedoras, and bolo ties galore. Here’s a glimpse of his style in his current world of traveling, performing, and touring.

Macklemore-review-Awesome-4109502Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) and Ryan Lewis Visit New.Music.Live. in Toronto on November 23, 2012

Picture 23


To view Macklemore popping tags in action, check out MTV News’ live coverage of the rapper’s thrift store hunting in the video here.

Cheers to Macklemore Loving!

Xoxo– Rachel

Photos: SF Gate, Exposay, North Country Public Radio, Macklemore Instagram, Tricia Davis Instagram, The Audio Perv

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